Indore, October, 30th, 2017 (SIGNIS India). SIGNIS India recently held a regional seminar on the topic “The Media impact on Society in the context of growing Intolerance” at Satprakashan Sanchar Kendra, Indore.

The programme began with a prayer song and lighting of the lamp, followed by the singing of the “bhajan” by students from Ish Creation Communication Centre. Mr. Bapu Parmar, the editor of Masihi Akhbar (an important Christian news magazine and website) gave the introduction and Fr. John Paul welcomed the dignitaries as well as participants. Indore Christian Media Forum members were also present in the seminar.

The resource persons pointed the core issue with appropriate examples from daily life. The Patrika Indore editor, Amit Mandloi spoke on the impact of media on society. He said that nowadays, we can’t imagine the existence of media without social media. The way good currency removes bad currency from circulation in economics, the same way good thoughts have the potential to remove bad thoughts from the society.   

Raja Sharma, editor-in-chief of Hotline News Agency shared his views on intolerance. He said that intolerance begins in the family, then in society and thereafter in other areas, e.g. politics. Nowadays, intolerance and addiction of new technological trends are linked. Social Media somehow affect our thinking and youngsters are getting addicted to it. 90% of fake news are available on social media and there is a need to choose the truth. He stressed that “Journalist should be journalist but not activist”, in the field of media.

Rev. Bishop Chacko Thottumarickal SVD, bishop of Indore Diocese and Fr. Xavier T. SVD, Provincial of SVD congregation were the guests of honour.

Bishop Chacko said that God gives everyone ample opportunities in life. People also get many chances. To think good or bad depends upon the thinking of the person. While by remaining closer to God we think good and positive.

Finally, Fr. Xavier T highlighed the importance of truth in media and pointed out the issues of growing intolerance in the society and ways to tackle it.

The one day seminar ended with a Q &A session.