Brussels, February, 3rd 2017 (Le Soir). Social media are now an integral part of the everyday life of many people around the globe. However, one group of the society has been spared by this new trend: children. Indeed, most of the main social networks don’t accept people under 13 or 16 years old. But in the recent days, children have now their own social media: Lego Life.

Lego Life is the new social network created by Lego and designed for young kids, under 13. On Lego Life, they can share their Lego creations. It’s a little like Facebook, except that everything is linked with Lego. Users can share their creations, follow other artists/constructors, like, and comment, but of course, with Lego emojis.

Some people will think it’s completely crazy, but, keep calm, this website is completely safe and secure. Lego collaborated with Unicef and the US antitrust authorities in order to maximally protect the young users. No personal information is required, not even the surname, as Lego implemented a “name generator” which combines three words or adjectives to create a pseudonym. The child’s avatar is a Lego face, and the shared pictures are verified before publication.

At the moment, this app is only available on tablets in 4 countries: USA, UK, France and Germany.